Strive to make 0-Conf safe

Smart Contract

on-chain applications besides payment

High Scalability

Extension block to speed up confirmation and cut down fees


Enable confidential transaction using zk-SNARKS to protect privacy

Proof Machine

Non-textual interactive theorem prover


Atomic cross-chain trading

Bitcoin Ti is designed to meet users’ demands.

With BTI, transactions can be confirmed quickly with low fees.
With BTI, blockchain technology can be applied in more cases, and thus benefit more users.
With BTI, privacy will be well protected.
With BTI, transactions can take place cross chain without complex conversion process and double transaction fees.

Mar 2018

Fork at block height:512480 UTC:2018/3/3

JUNE 2018

Deploy Extension Block , Devise a second layer on top of canonical blocks

DEC 2018

Deploy Smart Contract , Intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract


Continuously working on: zk-SNARKS,proof machine, zero-confirmation security strengthening, cross-chain transaction


Bitcoin Ti


Coming Soon ...


Coming Soon ...


Coming Soon ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Ti?

Bitcoin has been struggling after 9 years: slow confirmation, high transaction fee, limited privacy protection, difficult to evolve. All these issues constrained the original vision of Bitcoin from its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin Ti team is a group of experienced developers who are willing to unleash the possibilities of Bitcoin. We decide to fork at block height 512480 which is called – Bitcoin Ti(BTI).

What’s the total supply of BTI?

Total supply of Bitcoin Ti is 21 million. All addresses with balance before block height 512480 will get same amount of BTI automatically. The team will premine 0.1 million BTI, to motivate early developers and fund the early-stage operation and promotion of the project

How to obtain BTI?

All addresses with balance before block height 512480 will get same amount of BTI automatically.

What’s the advantage of BTI comparing with other Bitcoin forks?

A. High Scalability. Scale Bitcoin using extension block to speed up confirmation and cut down fees.

B. Smart Contract. Support other on-chain applications besides payment.

C. Confidential Transaction. Enable confidential transaction using zk-SNARKS and proof machine to protect privacy.

D. Active Development. Support other community-friendly features in the future, including but not limited to strengthen zero-confirmation security, cross-chain transaction.